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How to Access Agricultural Grant Opportunities in the UK (2024) 

Looking for agricultural grants in the UK can be a tricky business. First find the grant, second have the capital, third apply successfully.

Luckily, the UK offers a diverse array of agricultural grants designed to enhance productivity, improve sustainability, and support animal welfare. 

However, accessing these grants often requires initial capital, which can be a barrier for many farmers. This is where Peregrine can help by providing the necessary financial support to bridge the gap. First though let’s run through some of the key grants available to the UK in 2024.

Key Agricultural Grants Available in 2024

Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 2024

The FETF offers grants for a range of equipment and technology that improves farm productivity and manages slurry more effectively. These grants can cover up to £50,000 per application, allowing farmers to invest in state-of-the-art machinery and systems that enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Eligible items include precision farming tools, robotic equipment, and advanced slurry management systems

Focus Area

In addition to productivity enhancements, the FETF provides specific grants focused on animal health and welfare. These grants, which can reach up to £25,000, are designed to fund equipment that improves the living conditions and health of livestock. This includes investments in automated feeding systems, health monitoring devices, and other technologies that contribute to better animal welfare outcomes​

In summary, the FETF 2024 is a key resource for farmers looking to invest in modern technologies and improve their operational efficiency. It not only supports immediate improvements in productivity and animal welfare but also contributes to the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of the UK farming industry.

Improving Farm Productivity Grant

The Improving Farm Productivity Grant is an essential funding program designed to encourage the adoption of innovative technologies and practices that significantly enhance farm productivity. Administered by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) as part of the UK government’s broader agricultural support strategy, this grant focuses on helping farmers implement cutting-edge solutions that can drive efficiency and sustainability on their farms.

Focus Areas

The primary focus areas for the Improving Farm Productivity Grant include the integration of robotic and automated equipment and the adoption of renewable energy solutions, such as solar power. These technologies are at the forefront of modern farming, offering substantial benefits in terms of operational efficiency, cost reduction, and environmental sustainability.


To be eligible for the Improving Farm Productivity Grant, applicants must be farmers who are planning to invest in innovative technology and equipment. This includes a broad range of farming operations, from arable and livestock farms to horticultural enterprises. The eligibility criteria ensure that the funds are directed towards projects that have the potential to make a significant impact on farm productivity and sustainability.

Funding Amounts

The grant provides substantial financial support, with funding amounts reaching up to £500,000. This high level of funding enables farmers to invest in advanced technologies that might otherwise be financially out of reach. Additionally, the grant offers up to £100,000 for solar equipment, covering up to 50% of the costs. This aspect of the grant aims to promote renewable energy adoption, helping farmers reduce their reliance on non-renewable energy sources and lower their carbon footprint.

Animal Health and Welfare Items in the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 2024

This initiative aims to improve the standard of living for farm animals, directly influencing their health and the quality of produce derived from them. The grants provided under this category enable farmers to invest in advanced equipment and technology that ensure better care and management of animals. Specifications and eligible items include advanced livestock monitoring systems, environment-controlled housing, and automated feeding systems, which are designed to promote well-being and reduce stress among animals.


Applicants must demonstrate a clear need for investment in the specified equipment and technologies that directly contribute to the improvement of animal health and welfare on their farms. The grants are designed for those who are committed to adopting innovative and sustainable practices that align with the UK government’s agricultural strategies. This includes ensuring that the proposed equipment will be used within the farming business and not for third-party activities or unrelated business ventures. Additionally, applicants must comply with all relevant local and national environmental, health, and safety regulations to qualify. Potential recipients are often required to provide detailed plans on how the new equipment will be integrated into their current operations and the expected impact on animal welfare. Proof of adequate training in the use and maintenance of the new technology may also be required to ensure effective implementation.


Grants in this category can cover up to 40% of the total cost of eligible equipment and technologies, with funding caps typically set according to the item’s impact and cost. For example, investments in advanced animal monitoring systems and environmentally controlled housing can see substantial financial support, recognising their significant role in enhancing animal welfare and farm productivity. This funding is designed to make it financially feasible for farmers to adopt technologies that can lead to long-term benefits for both their operations and the animals under their care. 

Agricultural Air Quality Grant

Another vital funding opportunity available in 2024 is the Agricultural Air Quality Grant. This program aims to support projects that reduce emissions and improve air quality on farms. It is particularly beneficial for livestock farms and operations that involve the use of organic fertilisers and manure management systems.

Focus Areas 

The grant emphasises the adoption of technologies and practices that can significantly reduce particulate matter and ammonia emissions. These include covered manure storage solutions, advanced aeration systems, and precision fertilisation techniques.


Eligible applicants include farm owners and operators who demonstrate a clear commitment to improving air quality through innovative farming practices. The projects funded under this grant should lead to measurable improvements in air quality and can be applied to both small and large-scale operations.

Funding Amounts 

Financial support from the Agricultural Air Quality Grant can vary, but typically covers up to 40% of the total project costs. This support is crucial in enabling farmers to implement costly yet necessary upgrades to their farming practices.

Accessing Support

At Peregrine Finance, we understand the challenges agricultural businesses face – including the struggles of accessing initial capital to apply for grants.

That’s why we specialise in providing the essential initial capital required to access various funding programmes, through our agricultural finance support.

Our role is to supply straightforward financial support, allowing our clients to apply confidently for grants and other financial opportunities without the burden of initial expenses. This enables them to invest in necessary improvements and innovations, maximising their growth potential in the competitive agricultural sector.

Contact us today to explore how you can leverage these grants to enhance your farming operations in 2024.

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