Asset Finance Sectors

With over 25 years in the business, we’ve cultivated a deep understanding of various sectors, making us the leading asset finance provider in the country.


Delve into the diverse world of sectors that Peregrine Asset Finance proudly serves. From agriculture to industry and beyond, we’re committed to offering tailored financial solutions that cater to the unique needs of each sector.

Agricultural finance

Agriculture faces challenges from market fluctuations, weather, and pests. Agricultural finance offers financial support, helping farmers manage risks and ensure sustainable operations.

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Livestock finance

Livestock finance offers flexible financing solutions for dairy cattle, pullets, suckler cows and breeding sheep – helping farmers manage operational costs and scale up livestock enterprises.

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Groundcare & Forestry Finance

Groundcare & Forestry Finance offers bespoke financial solutions specifically tailored for machinery acquisition, equipment upgrades, and expansion in the ground care industry.

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Renewable Energy Finance

Renewable Energy Finance offers tailored funding for sustainable projects, including solar and wind installations, facilitating environmental and economic benefits for your business.

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Equestrian finance

Equestrian Finance provides tailored financial support for horse enthusiasts and professionals, covering purchases, facility upgrades, and business ventures, ensuring dreams aren’t compromised.

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Rural industry finance

Specialising in Agricultural Machinery Finance, Rural Finance offers bespoke solutions for rural projects, empowering farmers, landowners, and entrepreneurs to ensure thriving and evolving British rural landscapes.

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Industrial and construction finance

Industrial and Construction Finance provides pivotal support for companies’ expansions, offering flexible repayment terms and ensuring strategic growth without compromising project quality or scope.

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Manufacturers and suppliers

Vendor Finance enables UK manufacturers and suppliers to offer custom finance solutions, boosting sales, ensuring cash flow, and enhancing customer loyalty. A mutually beneficial approach for businesses and clients.

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Supporting UK businesses in expansion and diversification, offering financial solutions that fuel innovation and capture new market opportunities for agile growth.

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